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Over the years we have worked with a number of powerful brands 
across all automotive disciplines including BMW Group UK, Jaguar 
Land Rover Global, Volkswagen Trade Parts Centres, FCA Group, 
Volkswagen Group National Learning Centre and the Toyota GB 
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A significant training success supporting the Volkswagen Group National Learning Centre was the design and development of ‘Intelligent Business Growth’ a course designed to enable learners to identify core skills and best practice in local business development through managing enquiries effectively, managing a database, effective prospecting and customer loyalty leading to renewals business. 
This course structure included; 
1 x Pre-Course Assessment (knowledge based) 
1 x Pre-Course eLearning Modules (20 minutes) 
1 x Self-Assessment 
1 x Classroom Based Workshop §1 x Post-Course VCT 
1 x Final Assessment 
This was the first blended Training event for TPS and although the network are not set up in the same way as a standard car or van retailer this approach drove great efficiencies for the brand and its Centres. 

Jaguar Land Rover  

In 2017 we started working in partnership with Impetus Automotive Ltd to launch Jaguar Land Rover Approved Pre Owned’s new global programme. 
The Programme started as it should with market research, then the creation of the Programme and Retailer standards, production of the Operating manual, collation of a vehicle multi point inspection (full and lite) and after the global launch we began to design a 2 day training workshop to educate all Approved management teams on the most effective way to manage an Approved department. To create a truly engaging workshop it was imperative to make it experiential so we created a Business simulation of a used car department. 
The simulation was an algorithm built in excel, executed on a surface pro with a very creative front end. It was supported by physical assets including a centre board and vehicle information cards. 
The workshop was a huge success resulting in an uplift of 78% performance improvement for Approved Pre Owned Globally. 
Such was the success of this workshop, we went on to develop a web based app to replace the proof of concept delivery, reliant on a physical kit of surface pros, locked down Wi-Fi and equipment. 
Michael McKenzie 
Global Strategy & Compliance Manager at Jaguar Land Rover 
Jo has been involved with our Approved Programme since launch in 2015, she has been the principal consultant on the design, development and roll out of our Return on Investment Experience Workshops. 
This has been a fully global project and Jo has been involved since inception. Her input has been both practical, in terms of initial design, drawing on her experience of vehicle retailing, as well as her professional project management that has allowed us to achieve our global objectives on time and on budget. 
She is tenacious and thorough and has never shied away from delivering difficult news even if it was what we didn’t want to hear. She has always been proactive and come to us with thought through solutions to any issues identified. 
Her experience and understanding of the motor trade and professional training make her an ideal business partner to deliver quality solutions. 


We have worked with the Retailer Performance Management Team at BMW Group UK Fleet and Business Sales for over 3 years. They have created a robust sales activity coaching programme in this time that has delivered an exponential return on investment for the Brand, with 2019 seeing further improvements in the blended approach to performance improvement. 
Working closely with Munich at the start, with a wide range of generic topics ASC focussed the programme on 4 key improvement areas: Enquiry Management, Basic Sales Activity, Renewals and Referrals and Blended Prospecting. 
Branded ‘Corporate Excellence’, they engaged 10 Retailers in a 9-month programme that provided physical and virtual support, access to development tools and operational guidance. The objective was to instil long term sustainable development plans for the networks Local Business Development Managers and empower the Corporate Sales Managers to own and drive the success of these plans. 
Underpinning the success of Corporate Excellence was the use of the Fleet HUB – a collaborative learning platform that improved the blend of the Programme by streamlining knowledge transfer across the cohort. Through gamification to measure and reward the development of participants sales skills, the platform helped prove the benefits of modern learning through the blended approach, maximising the performance potential of all participants. 
Chris Farmer, Manager Retail Systems and Performance at BMW Group UK announced the results of the 2019 Programme in January 2020. Across the cohort of 10 Retailers only, he quoted a 23% uplift in sales performance and an incremental revenue of £1.8M. 
Pauline Priestly 
Corporate Sales Executive at Eastern BMW Newbridge was a participant of the 2019 Corporate Excellence cohort 
"The Corporate Excellence program came along at just at the right time for me, both personally and professionally. Being relatively new to the corporate landscape and the sole LBDM in the business I felt pressure to ensure I was working as effectively as possible. The program allowed me to stop and reflect on what I had learned in my first 15 months in the role and identify those areas I felt I needed support in. 
From the original health check with Alan and all through the coaching sessions with Laura, the process was insightful and unique to the arena I am now working in. I have been on so many training courses before where you are given generic information on a one size fits all policy whereas the Corporate Excellence Program was genuinely tailored to be unique to me and our business here. My performance statistics from the start to the end of the process have really improved and I feel so much more confident and better equipped in my role as LBDM. 
I was fortunate to have full support and engagement from my Corporate Sales manager and Franchise Director which ensured that our corporate business as a whole has benefited from the tools and techniques provided by the corporate excellence team. We now have processes in place that will flow naturally as our team expands as we have a robust enquiry management technique and good prospecting platforms. 
I would absolutely recommend this program no matter how long you have been in the industry. If you buy into the process and commit to what is being taught you really will see the results!.....’ 
Chris Farmer 
Manager Retail Systems and 
Performance at BMW Group UK 
"Within the blended approach the use of the virtual classroom platform (Webcoach) revolutionised the return on time investment and the cohort’s engagement. 
Being able to take pro-active and reactive sessions into the Retailer in 40-minute blocks, in parallel with the work the coaches were doing in retailer, improved the speed and stream of knowledge transfer and the LBDM’s ability to apply this instantly in their day job. 
Jo and the team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their ability to engage the Retailers and deliver a business result has been a breath of fresh air, especially at a pivotal time when return on investment for the brand is paramount. To have delivered £1.8M in incremental fleet sales across a group of 10 LBDM’s is outstanding.  
They created and delivered Excellence in Corporate Excellence! ….’ 

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