because you need 
Expert business consultancy 
Virtual training design and development 
Deep dive business analysis and diagnostic 
Process engineering 
Leadership facilitation 
On site coaching and staff development 

Our talent team can help  

Our Value Proposition 

Our Talent Team is highly experienced in the design, development and delivery of business performance improvement solutions making us a number one choice to work collaboratively with. We deliver a robust approach built on proven methodologies supported by innovative technology, to deliver a truly flexible and bespoke solution. 
Everything we do will be driven by your business or personal development needs and will deliver a measurable business improvement in line with business goals, priorities and aspirations. 





What We Do 

Measure existing performance, behaviours and business culture 
Use effective ‘change management’ techniques to challenge existing behaviours and provide ‘acceptance’ to new behaviours 
Provide, knowledge, practice and skills development in new approaches, techniques and performance 
Maintain and sustain changes to create new cultures 
Provide full reporting and measurable changes in performance 

Ahead of the Curve 

"By bringing all of this talent under one roof it enables us to provide the complete solution to businesses who need to undergo process improvements and make real change" says Jo Eve, founder of Resurco. 
"It's all about getting results and being ahead of the curve. It's tough out there and it's only going to get tougher so we have gathered the expertise so you don't have to. 

 make the difference 

To discuss your business requirements or forthcoming projects call Jo Eve on 07507 875898 or email 

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